Aylan Kurdi: Tragic Death Of Drowned Syrian Boy Commemorated With Sand Sculpture

Aylan Kurdi: Tragic Death Of Drowned Syrian Boy Commemorated With Sand Sculpture
In remembrance Alosh Bennett / Flickr CC BY 2.0

A sand sculpture was built on a beach in the Gaza Strip to commemorate the boy who drowned while escaping the war in Syria.


The sculpture depicts the three-year-old Aylan Kurdi lying face-down and wearing the same clothing, as he was found last week. A photograph of the lifeless Aylan taken near Bodrum, Turkey, soon went viral on social media.

“When I saw this statue representing Aylan Kurdi, the child drowned while fleeing Syria, I felt a deep sadness and great emotion,” resident Arwa Arbijan said, as reported by Abc.net au. “It reminded me of the children of the Bakr family who were killed on the Gaza beach during the last war.”

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Aylan and his family were in a boat fleeing the Syrian city of Kobane when it capsized. The boat was reportedly overcrowded with other refugees. Aylan’s brother, Galip, and mother Rihan, also passed away in the incident.

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Moroccan actress Latifa Ahrar, one of the organizers, said, “As an artist, my duty is to react and to come here with my colleagues to say that a small gesture can be worth a lot.”

Journalist Rachid el-Belghiti said, “We are here to say that the Mediterranean should remain a space for sharing and exchanges, not a barrier for those who are victims of dictatorships, civil wars and terrorism.”

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Sculptor Sudarsan Pattnaik paid tribute to the tragic event by creating a sculpture of Aylan on a beach in Puri, eastern India. Pattnaik posted the image of his work on Facebook, which he captioned, “#‎HumanityWashedAshore My Homage to the Syrian boy ‪#‎AylanKurdi through my sand sculpture at Puri beach, in Odisha, India.”

The picture has since become viral, receiving more than 2,300 likes and 1,485 shares.

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