Avatar Sequels To Be Filmed As ‘One Big Production’ – James Cameron

Avatar Sequels To Be Filmed As ‘One Big Production’ – James Cameron
Photo Credit: Rego – d4u.hu via Compfight cc
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James Cameron will be taking a page from fellow director Peter Jackson in making the Avatar sequels. The two-time Oscar-winning filmmaker has announced that all 4 installments to his box office masterpiece will be filmed as one big production.


Avatar was already born in the mind of James Cameron after the success of Titanic in 1997. Cameron intended to start filming Avatar after filming Titanic, but later changed his mind and put the project on hold. Now, after the successful release of Avatar, Cameron is building his vision of the remaining Avatar films.

Screen Rant revealed that Cameron will film all 4 sequels in one big production, and by big, we mean really big. Avatar was the highest-grossing film in history, earning $2.78 billion worldwide. With ambitious use of CGI, Cameron gave life to the exotic flora and fauna of Pandora, which has captivated moviegoers.

In their interview with Cameron, Famous Monsters of Filmland revealed that he has already begun production on the Avatar sequels. Cameron plans to shoot all four films concurrently, not one after another, as he plans to use less CGI and plans to increase the use of real-world photographic reference.

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Cameron admitted that this is by far the most challenging thing he will do, perhaps the biggest for his whole career. He said they are working on full eight hours of story in what some might say a disorderly schedule.

Cameron said that shooting all films simultaneously will not be strange. They plan to shoot for movie number 1 on Monday, and then do a scene for movie number 4 on Tuesday. Cameron also stated that he does not plan to compete with the Star Wars sequels.

With all the devotion James Cameron is putting into the Avatar sequels, it is definitely worth anticipating. The first of the four stand-alone sequels will premier Christmastime 2018.

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