Austria News: Migrant Crisis Answered By Deporting 50,000 Refugees Soon

Austria News: Migrant Crisis Answered By Deporting 50,000 Refugees Soon
Syrian Refugee MaximilianV / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Following Germany’s announcement that its refugee program is temporary, Austria’s interior ministry has now planned on repatriating 50,000 refugees in the next three years.


According to Deutsche Welle, the government’s plan does include an “expanded list of safe countries” as well as financial incentives.

The conservative Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner made the announcement Saturday following the statement of Germany’s Angela Merkel proclaiming that Germany’s 1.1 million refugees will be going home as soon as the conflict in their country ends.

The announcement of the German chancellor followed the intense call of citizens and other political observers that put into question the open-arm policies of Germany regarding the open-border policies on the migration of refuge-seekers amid the war in Iraq and Syria. Last New Year’s eve, a mass assault against women were done by gangs of refugees, cementing the doubt over Germany’s policies. This put Merkel in hot seat as around 100 complaints were filed. Doubts lingered with the German chancellor pressured into addressing the security of its citizens while being concerned of the plight of the refugees.

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Austria’s move also added Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia to the “safe” countries in terms of asylum seekers. Aside from the 50,000 refugees to be deported, there will also be a cap of 127,500 at the end of four years, according to a report from The Australian.

The financial incentives will be 370 euros for the refugees to return home as soon as they can. If they leave within three month, the budget will increase to 500 euros.

Sweden, last week, also announced the repatriation of 80,000 rejected refugees, according to Deutsche Welle.

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