Australian PM Tony Abbott Criticised Over Promise Of Faster Internet Speed To All Australians

Australian PM Tony Abbott Criticised Over Promise Of Faster Internet Speed To All Australians
Sydney Harbor MickiTakesPictures/Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was criticized on June 19 when he promised his countrymen a 50-megabit per second Internet speed at a decade’s end, saying his promise is not possible, news said.


Mr Abbott made his promise on Thursday, June 18 in a press conference where he said his government is launching its Northern Australia White Paper which will be significant in building strengths of the North and which, too, would be “good for the whole of Australia for the years and decades to come.” Included in the White Paper is the project of building a national broadband network.

Addressing the reporters on June 18, the Prime Minister emphasized that within a brief period of time, which is by end of 10 years, everyone in Australia will enjoy access to 50 megabits of download speed, or even faster. He added that such is the commitment his government has made and will keep.

Agriculture Minister Barnabe Joyce bolstered Mr. Abbott’s statement and said that as of press time there is already construction ongoing.

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“I think there’s two satellites that are part of the NBN process. This is part of our Government’s design to make sure that we look after those remote regions,” the Agriculture Minister said.

Nevertheless, Sydney Morning Herald mentioned that the statement of expectations issued by Malcolm Turnbull, communications minister to NBN Co — the corporation tasked to build the supposed national broadband network — did not make any guarantee to Mr. Abbott’s promise.

“The design of a multi-technology mix NBN will be guided by the government’s policy objectives of providing download data rates (and proportionate upload rates) of at least 25 megabits per second to all premises and at least 50 megabits per second to 90 per cent of fixed-line premises as soon as possible,” NBN Co’s statement said which was quoted by the news.

NBN further said it will prioritize areas identified as poorly served to the extent commercially and operationally feasible and will continue to work along with the government to pursue Australia’s economic goals.