Australian ISIS Terrorist Khaled Sharrouf Still Alive, Not In Convoy Of Cars Hit By Drone Strike

Australian ISIS Terrorist Khaled Sharrouf Still Alive, Not In Convoy Of Cars Hit By Drone Strike
Protest calling for Sharia in Maldives Dying Regime / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Authorities believed Australian ISIS terrorist Khaled Sharrouf falsified his death so his family can return home. Morning News USA reported Sharrouf, who is a father of five, had been killed, along with fellow terrorist Mohamad Elomar, in a drone strike last week. But as authorities continued to verify the reports, they remained skeptical of Sharrouf’s death.


Aided by highly classified images released by the United States military, Australian authorities confirmed the death of Elomar. The latter died because he was among those in a convoy of cars stricken by a drone strike.

“Our security and intelligence agencies are working to verify reports that Khaled Sharrouf survived a coalition air strike which is believed to have killed Mohamed Elomar,” Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister, said on Sunday.

A report by News Corp says Elomar was clearly identified in those images. In one image, he was standing next to an SUV traveling with a tactical unit of foreign fighters. The other images showed debris brought by the missile strike.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, citing unidentified sources, says Eloma’s death was “largely incidental” because he wasn’t included on any “kill list.” Sources said authorities don’t find Elomar “important enough” to organize for his death.

Sharrouf and Elomar travelled to Syria in 2013. They achieved bad reputation in 2014 when photos spread online showing them holding the severed heads of enemy fighters. “He’s (Sharrouf’s) got nine lives,” the APP cited an unidentified source.

“I don’t know whether he is alive or dead … But what we do know is that he has inflicted terrible, terrible pain and suffering on people at his own hands in the Middle East,” Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said. “And we don’t want these sorts of people back in our country.”