Australian ISIS Doctor Tareq Kamleh No Qualms On Losing Citizenship, Says He Has No Plans Of Returning Anyway

Australian ISIS Doctor Tareq Kamleh No Qualms On Losing Citizenship, Says He Has No Plans Of Returning Anyway
ISIL Flag Global Panorama / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Australian doctor Tareq Kamleh who is now in Syria fighting and working for the Islamic State (IS) said he has no qualms if the government strips him of his citizenship because he has no plans of returning anyway.


The former paediatric registrar, who now identifies himself as Abu Yousef Al-Australie, has been slapped with a warrant of arrest by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and South Australia Police. A joint statement said he is wanted for membership of a terrorist organization, recruiting for a terrorist organization and for entering, or remaining in, an area the government has deemed a no-go area due to terrorism.

But Kamleh said he had anticipated he will be slapped with the warrant. That’s “why I left in secret.” The doctor had posted an open letter on his Facebook account in May. In it, he denied allegations he was brainwashed to join the radical ISIS militants. Instead, his decision to travel to Syria was a thoroughly thought-out calculated move. “I have finally returned home.”

In a post on the Facebook account of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) on Sunday, he said he isn’t worried should his registration gets cancelled by the medical association. “I have no concern if you cancel my passport,” he added.

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Kamleh worked in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia before joining the extremist group. He was seen in a recruitment video in April where he urged Western Muslim health professionals to join the fight in Raqqa in Syria.

AHPRA has began the process to strip Kamleh of his medical registration, a report by The Guardian says.

Kamleh’s open letter to AHPRA:


  1. I have no concern if you cancel my registration
  2. I have no concern if you cancel my passport
  3. I knew where I was coming
  4. I intend to stay here
  5. I anticipated an arrest warrant, hence why I left in secret
  6. None of the case you put forward has indicated to me a malicious character on my behalf and it is this injustice within the Australian judicial system that was a catalyst for me to leave.

Do as you please, I no longer consider myself an Australian,

The continuous bombing of civilian targets here by the coalition has done nothing but disappoint me of the country I once loved so much


Tareq Kamleh