Atty Ira Tobolowsky Cause Of Death: Prominent Lawyer Still Alive During Suspicious Fire?

Atty Ira Tobolowsky Cause Of Death: Prominent Lawyer Still Alive During Suspicious Fire?
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The death of prominent lawyer Ira Tobolowksy has now been ruled a homicide. He was found dead in May after a house fire.


On Thursday, the Dallas County Medical Examiner said that Tobolowsky died as a result of “thermal burns and smoke inhalation in association with blunt force trauma.” The 68-year-old was found inside the burning garage of his home in North Dallas. Investigators found Tobolowsky’s death suspicious and started investigating the case since June.

According to report from CBS, Dallas Fire Rescue officials found various chemicals inside Tobolowky’s garage, including gasoline, which may have caused the explosion that led to the fire. The incident has been ruled as “suspicious in nature,” but authorities are yet to release the cause.

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Prior to his death, Tobolowsky is said to be involved in an intense defamation lawsuit against Steven Aubrey and Austin Attorney Brian Vodicka. According to a report from the Dallas Observer, the case originated from family trusts belonging to Richard Aubrey, who died several years ago and put together trusts for the benefit of his wife and three sons, including Steven.

Tobolowsky was said to have been representing Aubrey’s mother. Steven reportedly challenged his mother’s role as the trusts’ administrator in court.

Meanwhile, Tobolowsky sued Aubrey and Vodicka last July. According Tobolowsky’s declaration, the two men “published a blog on the internet containing a picture of me with jail bars.”

Aubrey and Vodicka reportedly published a document online, claiming Tobolowsky converted to a Muslim the joined ISIS.  Meanwhile, 14th Judicial District Judge Eric Moyé would hold both Aubrey and Vodicka in contempt and order them to pay Tobolowsky nearly $5,000 in sanctions for ignoring court orders and failing to appear during hearings.

Prior to his death, Tobolowsky received an email saying, “I’m going to kill you.” A longtime friend of the lawyer believes Tobolowsky’s killing was a “hit.” According to a report FOX 4, increased security was provided to Judge Moyé since Tobolowsky’s death.

Today, there is still no suspect behind the mysterious fire.

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