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Atty General Kathleen Kane Verdict: Democrat Guilty Of Perjury

Atty General Kathleen Kane Verdict: Democrat Guilty Of Perjury
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Atty General Kathleen Kane Verdict: Democrat Guilty Of Perjury

On Monday, Kathleen Kane, the attorney general of the state of Pennsylvania, was convicted of “all nine counts against her in a perjury and obstruction case related to a grand jury leak,” according to USA Today.

The attorney general was the first Democrat and the first woman to get elected in office in Pennsylvania. As the verdict was announced by jurors late Monday, she showed little emotion. According to USA Today, the jurors in the courtroom agreed that Kane had leaked information about a 2009 grand jury probe to make a fool out of a rival prosecutor.

However, during the closing arguments early Monday, Seth Farber, a lawyer for Kane, blamed her former top aides for the disclosure of the information related to the grand jury material.

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Farber stated that Kane never authorized the leak of the secret criminal files. But she wanted the common people to know that her predecessor had failed to prosecute a case involving an NAACP official.

The incident, according to the lawyer, was that the Attorney General’s chief deputy, Adrian King, misused his power when he sent the files to a reporter through Kane’s political consultant. Testimony was given against Kane by both King and the political consultant Josh Morrow last week.

It was reported that Morrow had a grant of immunity. He stated that he and the attorney general had formulated a cover-up plan that would frame King for the leak, according to CBS News. With the testimony, Morrow also confessed to the lies he told to the grand jury.

“Those are two witnesses who will say whatever they need to in order to protect themselves,” Farber said. “You would not even buy a used car from either one of them.”

Even after Faber’s argument, it was established by Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele that Kane had selected the two men as confidants.

There were text messages and phone records showing frequent conversations among the three, especially on important days in the prosecution’s timeline. The days include the dates ownership of the documents were changed,the dates the Philadelphia Daily News article came out, and the dates a grand jury began investigating the leak.

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