AT&T Unlimited Data Plan Is Back, But…

AT&T Unlimited Data Plan Is Back, But…
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Unlimited data plans are tempting, aren’t they? Even if this is the case, leading telecom carriers have either discontinued these plans or increased their prices. Then the AT&T unlimited data plan has been brought back. Why? What’s the reason? Is there’s a catch?


AT&T unlimited data plan is a limited-time offer valid only for customers who subscribe to the carrier’s U-Verse TV or DirecTV services. The offer begins on Tuesday. When AT&T was offering the unlimited data plan earlier, some people were complaining about the speed. Customers believed that the speed is not up to the mark. But AT&T has said that the speed of the connection depends on the user’s location and his/her usage. Once you exceed a certain data limit, the speed goes down.

AT&T unlimited data plan: cost

The cost of monthly AT&T unlimited data plan is $60, then an additional $40 per line. This means one line costs you $100. But remember, this new unlimited plan is only for DirecTV/U-Verse TV service subscribers. So, you are not done with the $100.  DirecTV subscriptions start at $19.99. Here comes the good news. Get one bill for your TV and data for a discount of $10.

As mentioned above, AT&T is running the offer for a limited time. But once you are a customer of AT&T unlimited data plan, you get this plan for life. If you are a heavy user of wireless data, and you prefer a paid TV service, this is a pretty good deal for you.

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