AT&T U-Verse New Home Internet Plans: Wait! Do Not Subscribe Right Away

AT&T U-Verse New Home Internet Plans: Wait! Do Not Subscribe Right Away
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Did you hear about AT&T making changes to its home internet plans? If not, then here’s good news. The company is offering more data for regular packages as well as introducing unlimited home internet plan. But all is not as it seems. Read on to get more details about the U-Verse new home internet plans and then decide which plan you want to subscribe to.


Let us first talk about normal U-Verse new home internet plans that are changing for good. If you are on the first tier, that is the slowest speed subscriber, then you will now get to use 300 GB instead of 250 GB every month. The ones who are subscribed to the next tier, you will now get to use 600 GB instead of 250 GB. And if you are a subscriber of the fastest internet plan, then you can now use 1TB data instead of 500 GB. These new plans will be effective from 23rd May 2016. Apart from these plans, AT&T is also introducing U-Verse Unlimited Home Internet Plan.

AT&T announced U-Verse new home internet plans along with unlimited data plan via its official blog. The company in its announcement post about the unlimited plan wrote, “Customers who subscribe only to our home Internet service who anticipate they will use more data than their new higher monthly data allowance – or who don’t want to think about how much data they are using – can sign up for unlimited home Internet data beginning on May 23 for $30 more a month.” But these new plans are not as simple as they sound. According to a report published by The Washington Post, AT&T users will have to pay extra $10 if they exhaust the said limit. For $10, you will get another 50 GB to use. Exhaust this limit and once again you will have to pay $10 for more data.

The Washington Post suggests you opt for any of the two options to avoid spending extra $10 every now and then, and emptying your pockets even before you know about it. Here is the solution: “There are two main ways you can escape the caps: Either pay an extra $30 a month for an “unlimited” plan, or make sure you’re paying for a double-play consisting of U-verse Internet service and one of AT&T’s two television services, DirecTV or U-verse TV.”

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So, before you decide which plan to subscribe for, consider your internet usage, check the plans once again and then choose a plan.

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