AT&T To Start Selling ‘Blackberry Priv’ From November 6

AT&T To Start Selling ‘Blackberry Priv’ From November 6
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It has been only a few days since Blackberry started accepting pre-orders for its first Android phone, “Blackberry Priv.” Now, AT&T has announced that the company will start selling these devices starting November 6.


When the sales begin, AT&T will become the first carrier in the U.S. to sell Blackberry’s latest smartphone. The company has decided to provide a few different payment options to its customers. As per the new 2-year contract, the phone can be purchased for $249.99. Listed below are the options you can choose from:

1. $24.67 every month for 30 months,

2. $30.84 every month for 24 months or

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3. $37 every month for 20 months

Blackberry Priv should make sales

Blackberry was almost out-of-business before it decided to come up with an Android-powered smartphone to see if this operating system can help it survive in the market. The brand’s CEO John Chen has confirmed that Blackberry might not remain in the handset business if Priv fails to sell 5 million devices.

If we have a look at the specifications, nothing seems to be wrong with this phone. Unlike previous devices, Blackberry Priv now sports a good 5.4-inch QHD touchscreen and comes with an 18-megapixel primary camera. Since the brand’s focus has always been on enterprise customers, it has introduced Priv for “privacy,” something that would appeal its target audience.

Now, everyone seems to be super excited about Blackberry re-entering the market with an all-new “privacy and privilege” enhanced phone. But to know if people are interested in investing into this device is something we will have to wait for. The quality of the phone is something we cannot comment on until the phone reaches customers. Till then, have a look at this video of Priv posted by Blackberry.