AT&T Promises One-Number Solution With NumberSync

AT&T Promises One-Number Solution With NumberSync
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AT&T has a unique vision for the future and it involves you no longer freaking out in case you left your phone at home. After all, your phone’s communications capabilities can be transferred to other devices in the future. At least, this is what AT&T is hoping to make possible with their upcoming service, NumberSync.


AT&T Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher says that NumberSync will give their customers the ability to control all of their (compatible) devices using one primary mobile number. This can be a tablet or even a wearable gadget. Either way, this means you should be able to send messages as well as receive them even when your mobile phone is not with you. Moreover, this NumberSync capability should also work when your phone is nearby or has even been turned off.

Just to be clear, the NumberSync feature will not depend on a Bluetooth connection. In fact, it is envisioned that this feature will operate in AT&T’s wireless network. Moreover, NumberSync is designed to work even when the primary mobile phone has been disconnected from the network.

Mobile freedom is essentially what NumbeSync is about. You can go for your usual run in the park with just your fitness band to keep you in communication. At the same time, your reminders will also pop up even when your mobile phone is not with you. There are essentially many things you will be able to accomplish communications wise even when your phone is tucked away in a drawer.

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So far, no timeline has been set on how soon AT&T can roll out NumberSync. However, updates are expected soon!

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