AT&T to Power up New Cyanogen-Based Phone Against Google’s Android?

AT&T to Power up New Cyanogen-Based Phone Against Google’s Android?
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AT&T may soon bang heads against Google as the company is reportedly looking into developing a phone it has more control over. According to reports, AT&T is partnering up with Cyanogen to develop not just a phone, but also a smartphone operating system that may rival Android. Can AT&T pull it off?


Mobile carrier AT&T is now making the headlines after details about it potentially selling a Cyanogen-powered smartphone surfaced. Details came from anonymous resources and reported by The Information. Since Android has always been an “open source” with its code available freely, developers have the liberty to change it. Such is the case of Cyanogen and its version of Android. Previously, AT&T was reported working with Chinese smartphone maker ZTE but trade sanctions jeopardized the partnership.

According to Fortune, AT&T’s interest in producing its own smartphone comes from the company’s desire to incorporate mobile units with its DirecTV video subscription service. This will be an added revenue stream for the company. While the service is available to Android and iOS units already, partnering with Cyanogen will give the mobile carrier more freedom in terms of devices, design, and revenue. In the current setup, Google shares the revenues with carriers through app store purchases.

According to The Verge, if AT&T will be able to pull this off then the offering will be similar to Amazon’s FireOS. It will be a new flavor of Android but with more AT&T touch over it. Likewise, this will also hand AT&T the sole responsibility of maintaining the operating system. There are still no details as to how intent AT&T is about pushing this idea forward. Likewise, there is no information on how far the talks between the mentioned companies have gone. Nonetheless, should AT&T be successful in it, then it will be the largest break from Google’s hold on Android to date.

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