Assassin’s Creed Movie Cosplay Guide: See Michael Fassbender’s Costume In Detail!

Assassin’s Creed Movie Cosplay Guide: See Michael Fassbender’s Costume In Detail!
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Any Assassin’s Creed fan would agree that the aesthetics of the costume plays a primary role in the beauty of the game. For a movie, the protagonist’s attire is everything, since the movie is set in ancient time. Fortunately, Ubisoft hasn’t disappointed us.


Assassin’s Creed movie synopsis different from video game

A recent post on Ubisoft’s blog has released hi-def images of the costume that will be worn by Michael Fassbender. Although we can get a glimpse of it in the trailer, the image offer different angles of “the Spanish Inquisition-era Assassin’s robes and adornments.”

The texture on the leather clothing gives the costume an ancient look. Comparing it to the actual video game, the designers haven’t failed in terms of accuracy. Hopefully, seeing the costume in action on Fassbender would look better than Goku’s costume worn by Justin Chatwin in Dragonball Evolution.

The Assassin’s Creed movie sets off by centering on Callum Lynch played by Fassbender. He is a man declared dead to the outside world. He is forced to go through an experiment that allows us him to experience his ancestor Aguilar’s life.

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The franchise has already confirmed that they have a story for the sequel. Judging by IGN reports, which suggest the movie will have 35 percent screen time in the ancestral period and 65 percent in modern period, its sequel would probably be a continuation to an abrupt end of Assassin’s Creed movie part one.

The Assassin’s Creed film is scheduled to release on December 21 2016. The studio also hosts a website for fans to grab pre-order tickets along with exciting goodies.

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