Ashley Wood,13, Killed By Boy, 14? Facts About Dead Girl Found In Rocklin Home

Ashley Wood,13, Killed By Boy, 14? Facts About Dead Girl Found In Rocklin Home
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A 14-year-old boy is considered a primary suspect in the homicide of a girl on Tuesday in her Rocklin home.


According to the press release issued by the police department, the victim has been identified as 13-year-old Ashley Wood.

Both suspect and victim lived in the 6703 Monument Springs Drive home. The boy escaped the scene at the time of the incident but was discovered in a field around a mile away by the police. Taken into custody subsequently, he was taken to the Placer County Probation Juvenile Detention Facility Auburn in California.

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As reported by Sacramento Bee, reports of disturbance at the home were received by the police on Tuesday morning. After they obtained a search warrant, they went inside the home. Wood, who was discovered in the bedroom, seemed to have sustained blunt force trauma. According to the police, it appears injuries to the head were the cause of death.

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The suspect has not been identified.

Evidence was found by investigators at multiple scenes inside the home. However, details of the weapon used in the incident have not been released as of yet.

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Neighbors said the people living in the house usually remained inside most of the time.

“Most of the time (they) were inside the house,” Mary Alvarez said, as reported by the Daily Progress. “You know she got a swimming pool and always taking good care of the kids. I don’t know what happened.”

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