‘Ashley Madison’ Hack Reminds Us Of An Important Lesson: Do Not Use Weak Passwords

‘Ashley Madison’ Hack Reminds Us Of An Important Lesson: Do Not Use Weak Passwords
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Hackers have decoded over 11 million “Ashley Madison” passwords already. The group behind the hack says all the passwords cracked belong to the “weak” category. Who is at fault here? The website, or the users?

The Ashley Madison hack has once again made everyone question how safe we are online. Almost all of our personal information is on the Internet today. Every website, just like Ashley Madison, claims to be using strong algorithms to encrypt passwords. But hackers are hackers! They will always know how to get their hands on on your private data.


CynoSure Prime, the group behind all the data hack, said that the users on the website had “poor digital hygiene.” Till date, more than 11 million passwords have been leaked, and the passwords are as weak as a mere 123456. Today when websites refuse to accept passwords that consist only of numbers or names, how does a website that claim to have “stronger algorithm” accept a password as simple as 123456?

Other than 123456; DEFAULT, querty, abc123 and 123456789 are the passwords that were cracked.

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Who is at fault? Users or the website?

In this case, we can say both – the website and the users – are equally at fault. This is not the first case of a security breach. We have seen cases worse than these. After a certain period, websites made sure that they introduce every security measure to stop hackers from peeping into your personal information. Every website today has two systems that alert us about our passwords –

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1. A bar prompting if the password entered is strong or weak

2. The website asks users to enter and re-enter the password and keep entering a new password unless and until it’s a perfect combination of numbers, alphabets and special characters.

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If users as well as websites like Ashley Madison do not understand how important it is to have unique and stronger passwords, then we must say that this website is going to face such data leak incidents again and again. And next time, the group might be much more notorious and would actually destroy the website.