‘Arrow’ Spoilers: Oliver Blames Felicity For Ray’s Kidnapping

‘Arrow’ Spoilers: Oliver Blames Felicity For Ray’s Kidnapping
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The 4th season of “Arrow” has been in the favorite lists of viewers since it premiered, and now, after 5 episodes of the latest season, the story is really keeping it high.


Speculations about what is going to happen next are roaming everywhere, and here are “Arrow” spoilers to help you guess what you are going to see next.

“Arrow” spoilers suggest that in the next episode, we will see the relationship between Oliver and Felicity getting tensed. As reported by Comicbook, in “Lost Souls,” we will find out that Ray is not dead and is held captive by Damien. During the explosion, Ray was considered dead, but his body is found. When it is revealed that he is actually alive, it horrifies Felicity as she did not look for him earlier.

As we saw in the last episode, Curtis and Felicity listen to the recording left by Ray. They learn something new, igniting the hope that Ray is still alive. Freeing Ray from the hands of Damien, the crime boss of the city, is surely not going to be easy, but the group decides to do their best to free Ray. To achieve the mission, Sara, Thea and Laurel team up.

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Currently, Team “Arrow” is looking better, but for how long? Team Arrow is busy planning and getting ready for the rescue mission, but the impact of Lazarus Pit is expected to be felt again. Thea also reveals to Oliver that her bloodlust seems to have come to a halt only because she had killed. Now we shall see if the mission will be jeopardized by Thea. Stay tuned to CW to know what happens next.


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