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Arrow Season 5: Will Katie Cassidy Return As The New Canary?

Arrow Season 5: Will Katie Cassidy Return As The New Canary?
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Arrow Season 5: Will Katie Cassidy Return As The New Canary?

“Arrow” Season 5 Premiere has already made it clear that a new Canary is soon going to be introduced. Who is it going to be?

After the disaster that was last season, “Arrow” has no intention of disappointing its fans again. That’s why “Arrow” season 5 will have a complete new Team Arrow!

‘Arrow’ Season 5 Premiere

After waiting in vain for half of his team-mates to return, Oliver has finally accepted the reality that he might need to rebuild his team from the scratch.

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The premiere of “Arrow” Season 5 saw Thea don her red superhero costume and return briefly as Speedy, but it was only to save her brother from the new villains that plague Star City.

Her less than enthusiastic return made it clear that she still needs time to recuperate from the incidents that transpired in the previous season, including the death of her boyfriend.

And after a ton of not-so-subtle coaxing from Felicity and with Diggle’s approval, Oliver is finally ready to test out potential recruits for his renewed Team Arrow.

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‘Arrow’ Season 5 New Canary

There is a definite possibility that amongst these recruits would feature the new Canary since the last promise that Laurel Lance made to Oliver was to continue her legacy even after she was gone.

“A part of me will always be out there with you,” she said.

Since the next Canary has to fill some pretty large shoes, the role cannot be handed over to just any newcomer. Hence, while other recruits are hired immediately, this particular replacement might arrive at a later date.

One big possibility is that Katie Cassidy, who played Laurel Lance, might return to the show, as Black Siren, the evil twin of Black Canary. Black siren has already been introduced in “The Flash” and currently resides in one of the many meta-human containers at Star Labs.

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The sad demise of the character of Laurel Lance broke the hearts of thousands of “Arrow” fans, who made their outrage known in the social media.

This would definitely be a golden opportunity for the showrunners to bring her back. The Black Siren is also closer to the actual Black Canary demonstrated in the DC comics, reports Movie Pilot.

In the comics, Black Canary was a meta-human whose piercing screech is a part of her original voice and not just a technologically devised collar, much like Black Siren, shown in “The Flash”.

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Will Katie Cassidy come back as the new Canary? And if not, who will be the new Canary?

“Arrow” Season 5 Episode 2 will focus on Oliver holding auditions for new recruits of Team Arrow, reports Comic Book Movie, and from the looks of it, it’s not going to be an easy task!

Catch “Arrow” Season 5 every Wednesday only on CW.

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