‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers, Rumors: Unknown Advesary Gunning For Green Arrow? New Foes, Friends On Deck

‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers, Rumors: Unknown Advesary Gunning For Green Arrow? New Foes, Friends On Deck
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“Arrow” season 5 is almost here and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will have to eventually need to realize that fighting off the bag elements is a task he cannot do alone. Queen will stubbornly try to see if he can do it all by himself but a new enemy will eventually sway him to form a new breed of vigilantes.


Looking back at the season 4 finale of “Arrow”, John Diggle (David Ramsey) and Thea Queen (Willa Holland) opted out of the team which left only Ollie and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) trying to maintain order.

The New Adversary Named Tobias Church

As one would expect, a new evil is rising and it is in the person of Tobias Church (Chad. L. Coleman). He will target the “Arrow” of course and it may only be here that Ollie realizes that he cannot fight off crime on his own, Coming Soon reported.

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Ollie’s Balancing Act

For the ones who followed “Arrow” season 4, most will recall that the new mayor in town is Oliver Queen. Being the instilled leader by day and vigilante by night, Ollie finds himself trying to balance his act.

With Ollie occupied, the evils lurking manage to do some dirty work by taking some of his signature weapons and using them against civilians and the authorities, Nerdist reported. Hence, Ollie may have no choice but to form a new team and go through the motions of training them once more.

With Diggle and Thea out, the new members of Team Arrow include Curtis Holt aka “Mr. Terrific”, Evelyn Sharp aka “Artemis”, Jack Wheeler aka “Wild Dog”, and Rory Reagan aka “Ragman”. Being a new group, issues will crop up in the same way Ollie dealt with before.

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Diggle and Thea may be out for now but are expected to return at some point soon. “Arrow” premieres on Oct. 5 on CW.

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