‘Arrow’ Season 4 Plot Failed; ‘Olicity’ Romance Responsible?

‘Arrow’ Season 4 Plot Failed; ‘Olicity’ Romance Responsible?
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While “Olicity” fans were highly delighted, overemphasis on an Oliver-Felicity romance was one of the big reasons “Arrow” season 4 failed to amaze viewers.


‘Arrow’ Season 4 Plot

According to Melty, focusing on developing the chemistry between Oliver and Felicity seems to have stolen the spark of season 4 of “Arrow.” While the show is supposed to be a playboy-turned-vigilante-turned-superhero show, the theme got sidelined in the depiction of a love story.

Rather than focusing on an impactful plotline, “Arrow” season 4 focused more on Oliver’s “happily ever after” with Felicity and the obstacles that lay on that path. As a result, what viewers encountered on screen was a villain that just got stronger, a superhero who just got de-motivated with each passing episode, and a team left confused and leaderless amidst the relationship drama.

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Moreover, the show had to face a lot of heat from anti-Olicity fans, who firmly believed that the Green Arrow and Black Canary belong together, like in the original DC comics, reports Comic Book. The show worsened the situation by breaking the hearts of Black Canary fans by not giving the superhero enough to do, then ultimately killing her off.

Furthermore, screen space was wasted over Felicity’s problems with her mother and her mother’s problems with Detective Lance, which could have been curbed to a great extent. This only made the show shift focus from the Green Arrow developing ways to defeat the big bad, making it dull and boring.

‘Arrow’ Season 5

However, Stephen Amell blamed the pressure of competing with other DC superhero shows like “The Flash” and “Supergirl” as the cause of the show’s downfall. It was apparent that the creators of “Arrow” decided to go with “magic” as one of the major ingredients of season 4, which made things weird since Green Arrow did not possess special superpowers to counter the villain’s supernatural presence.

It seems like the creators have learned from their follies, since “Arrow” season 5 promises to take the audience back to basics without trying to overcomplicate things.

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