Arrest Bill Clinton Petition Garners Over 67,000 Signatures

Arrest Bill Clinton Petition Garners Over 67,000 Signatures
Bill Clinton in Concord, NH Marc Nozell / Flickr cc by 2.0

A petition that calls for the “immediate arrest” of President Bill Clinton has now managed to amass over 67,000 signatures. It reportedly needs 75,000.


“You are absolute Rock Stars,” Veronica Wolski wrote as she celebrated how her petition managed to get past 65,000 signatures in less than 24 hours. She is a fierce supporter of Bernie Sanders and she believes it is either “Bernie or Bust.”

According to her petition, former President Clinton was in clear violation of Massachusetts General Laws when he stepped out and talked to poll workers inside a polling station at the Holy Name Parish School gymnasium in West Roxbury, Boston on Tuesday. According to a report from the Boston Globe, he had spoken with workers and took a photo with a woman.

Wolski believes that Clinton should not have been there as the law states that “campaigning within 150 feet of a polling station, or in any way interfering with the right to vote” is not allowed. Doing so is said to be tantamount to a 3rd degree Voter Violation felony. However, Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin does not see it that way.

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Following Clinton’s visit, Galvin’s spokesperson Brian McNiff told WCVB 5, ” No one was prevented from voting.” He also added, ” The city and voters were notified well in advance of the event.” Moreover, McNiff made it clear that no laws were broken by Clinton during his visit to the polling place as he also did not hand out any flyer or voting material for his wife to anyone. He was only shaking hands and not providing information.

Meanwhile, the petition alleges that a spokesperson for the former U.S. President denied that Clinton was ever inside a polling place. Moreover, Wolski proclaimed, ” Hillary should receive NOT ONE VOTE from those of us that see his behavior as not only unethical, but illegal.” Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton in Massachusetts during Super Tuesday by one delegate, according to AP.

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