Army Ranger School Will Graduate 2 Women For The First Time; Army Ranger Women

Army Ranger School Will Graduate 2 Women For The First Time; Army Ranger Women
Ranger Course The U.S. Army/ Flickr CC license

Two women are making military history by being the first ones to graduate from the army’s Ranger School. The U.S. Maneuver Center of Excellence has recently announced that the two women along with 94 men successfully completed the Swamp Phase of its Ranger Course and will be graduating on August 21.

There were originally 19 women who took the Ranger Course, which lasts 62 days. These women were also joined by 381 men to form Ranger Class 06-15, which started back in April 20.


From the initial class, eight women managed to complete the Ranger Assessment Phase or RAP week. This included the Ranger Physical Assessment (RPA), Combat Water Survival Assessment (CWSA), Day/Night Combined Land Navigation as well as the 12 Mile Foot march.

However, all of them were recycled into Ranger Class 07-15 to do a second attempt at patrolling. After the women have done a second attempt at Darby Phase, five were dropped from the course and three were recycled into Ranger Class 08-15. They started the course once again last June 21.

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Three women move on to the Benning Phase

As the remaining three women completed the Benning Phase successfully, they moved on to the Mountain Phase in July 10 where they undertook the knot test, military mountaineering skills assessment and a 1.8 mile foot march leading straight up to Mount Yonah.

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Aside from this, they were also said to be given opportunities to lead patrols. Following this phase, one of the women recycled to Ranger Class 09-15 to start the Mountain Phase again last August 9.

Only two army ranger women remain for the Swamp Phase

Meanwhile, the two remaining women moved into to the Swamp Phase of the Ranger Course, which lasted 17 days. It includes a rigorous physical fitness test, military mountaineering, three parachute jumps, four air assaults on helicopters, mock combat patrols, obstacle courses and rubber boat movements.

The Ranger School is meant to teach students how to effectively overcome fatigue, hunger and stress while being able to lead soldiers in small unit combat operations. The upcoming graduation ceremony will be held at the Victoria Pond at Fort Benning.


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