Ariel Winter Fired From ‘Modern Family’ Because Of Racy Pictures?

Ariel Winter Fired From ‘Modern Family’ Because Of Racy Pictures?
Ariel Winter Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Rumors alleging that Ariel Winter was fired from “Modern Family” have been making rounds lately.


What could have been the reason behind such claim? Does it have something to do with her strong stance against body-shamers and her continuous showing off of skin?

It can be noted that the 18-year-old actress has received numerous hurtful words already because of her weight. However, amid this body-shaming, she appeared unaffected as she has continuously been sharing photos of her in sexy ensembles or in two-piece bikinis.

In fact, in the latest snap she posted on Instagram, Ariel Winter was said to be completely topless while sitting on a white chair with just a blanket covering her body.

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Amid these body-shaming comments, the actress has found an ally in Bindi Irwin, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“I love her so much because she has got to be one of the strongest women that I know,” the “Dancing With The Stars” champion quipped. “You look at what she posts and just as an individual she’s a lovely being – she’s a girl with a message!”

Apart from the usual discussion or comment about her huge breasts or her body shape, a new report has suggested that the star of “Modern Family” has been removed from her show, an update which allegedly started from “Star” magazine, The Hollywood Gossip reported.

The Hollywood Gossip clarified that the star of the ABC comedy series was not fired. Instead, it was pointed out that the hands of Ariel Winter are just too full these days that shooting regularly for “Modern Family” seems impossible.

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“Ariel is attending UCLA in the fall, and being a full-time student and shooting 22 episodes of a television series don’t really go hand-in-hand,” the entertainment site dished.

With her hectic schedule, Ariel Winter “will be playing a smaller role on the series going forward.”

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