Download Ariana Grande New Single ‘Focus’

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Ariana Grande is currently trending on Twitter for good reasons. The singing star has released her new single “Focus” and it is as sexy as your imagination can go. All her songs released before were lovable, but this time, it is outstanding.


The 22-year-old singer Ariane Grande’s new single “Focus” just got released today, and it is already keeping the charts busy. The girl just wants people to focus on her.

Not only does the star look sexy in her signature crop top, she also sounds sexy in the new single. The dance moves are sensuous to the limit and her hips move like the world moves with them.

She announced her new song on September 15, and fans were counting down ever since. She mentioned in her post, “this countdown as long af,” adding, “but it’s ok because our countdowns are one of my favorite parts about putting out new music!!!”

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The audio of the song “Focus” was first available on iTunes. But shortly, she followed it with the music video where she has become a brunette beauty. While talking about her hair, she said, “It’s white actually,” adding, “it’s hard to tell because of the black and white filter, but it’s white. Like super white. But you’ll see it in the video and stuff, you can see how, it looks like Lucius Malfoy, he was sort of my…go to reference.”

Ariana Grande is hot at this moment and she has left people asking for more. The peppy soundtrack can be checked out right here.

Where to download Ariana Grande’s new song, “Focus”

You can easily download her latest song, “Focus” on iTunes. The hashtag #BuyFocusOniTunes was trending worldwide, calling all her fans to download the song.