‘Aquaman’ Movie: Michael Jai White To Play Supervillain Black Manta?

‘Aquaman’ Movie: Michael Jai White To Play Supervillain Black Manta?
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DCEU’s Aquaman movie is currently Warner Bros. last hope at producing a blockbuster movie that appeals to the audience as well as critics. Although Patty Jenkin’s “Wonder Woman” is yet to release, the movie has also been receiving negative opinions and hates for reasons unknown.


Fans are hoping “Aquaman” movie to be the best DCEU title as James Wan is directing the movie. while the production still hasn’t started for the movie, it looks like Warner Bros. has already confirmed its main villain for the film.

Earlier on Thursday, rumors spread that Black Manta was confirmed to play as the main antagonist in Aquaman movie. Since then, the internet has been fan-casting actors in various forum and social media platform.

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Recently, Actor Michael Jai White was also brought into the game of fan-casting on Twitter. But it looks the 48 year old celebrity is ready to take on the atlantean role for Aquaman movie.

Michael Jai White surprised his followers on Twitter when he responded to the fan-casting by tweeting, “I accept your nomination!.” Could it possible that DCEU has already approached the actor or added him in the shortlist?

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While Warner Bros. has commented on this news, Slashfilm was able to get Director James Wan to respond on the new scoop. Fortunately, it seems like the main villain is authentic.

James Wan responded to it, “I want to know where Wrap got that piece of news from,” Wan laughed. “Come on, I can’t talk about this.” The Conjuring director later said, “I’m not saying anything, No comment is my comment.”

Black Manta is known as the archenemy of Aquaman in DC. Over the years, the villain has posed as a threat to Arthur Curry in many ways. For now, it’s likely that Black Manta would be the supervillain in Aquaman’s stand alone movie.

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