‘Aquaman’ Director Talks What Can Be Expected From The Underdog Superhero Movie

‘Aquaman’ Director Talks What Can Be Expected From The Underdog Superhero Movie
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“Aquaman” may seem not as popular as the other superheroes, but the upcoming movie depicting him as a “total badass” is expected to win the hearts of many superhero lovers.


In an interview with MTV News on Thursday at the CinemaCon, James Wan, the director behind the successful horror flicks “Saw” and “The Conjuring,” revealed how he would make his new project as interesting as possible.  “A big part of it was me telling them what potential I saw in this character,” the director told the news outlet in the middle of promoting “The Conjuring 2.”

Wan pointed out that with the “King of Atlantis” as an underdog, to be played by Jason Momoa, developing his character is going to be exciting because a lot more can be done. “As we all know, Aquaman is somewhat the butt of the joke in the superhero world,” he added. “There’s something cool about that. I love the idea of being the underdog, coming in with a take on this underdog character and completely blow people’s expectations away.” He continued by saying, “Like, ’Oh, you thought he was going to be a wimpy character? No no no.’ It’s going to be so cool.”

However, fans still have to wait a little longer since the “Aquaman” movie will be hitting the theaters only by July 27, 2018. Meanwhile, as they await the arrival of Wan’s film, they can look forward to Zack Snyder’s “The Justice League: Part One” which is expected to premiere prior to “Aquaman.”

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“There’s ‘Justice League’ that happens before it, so I have to be respectful to that,” Wan dished. “But in a lot of ways… it’s a continuation but there are origin elements as well — and that’s the story that I’m excited to tell.”

In the meantime, ComicBook.com reported that “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” star Henry Cavill is already preparing for his role in “Justice League: Part One.” The 32-year-old actor’s upcoming movie will be available by 2017, a year ahead of “Aquaman.”

“1st week of training done. 7 days, 9 workouts and a whole lot of food! #Superman #JusticeLeague #SupermanTraining,” the actor captioned a snap he shared on Instagram last week.

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