‘The Apprentice’ 2015 LIVE: Joseph Valente Wins

‘The Apprentice’ 2015 LIVE: Joseph Valente Wins
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Multi-millionaire Lord Alan Sugar has decided who his new business partner will be and it’s none other than Joseph Valente, “The Apprentice” for 2015.


A very thankful Valente expressed his gratitude to Lord Sugar for letting him win “The Apprentice” this year. He immediately said, “It means the world to me. I’m not going to let you down.” For the final round, Valente was up against Vana Koutsomitis for the title and a £250,000 investment. The final task that Lord Sugar gave them was quite daunting: to launch their very own businesses, complete with a digital billboard and a promotional video that will be shown before an audience of 200 industry experts.

Joseph was determined to win by pitching his plumbing business while Vana was convinced that her dating app would be a sure hit. And in order for them to make things happen with the short amount of time each had been given, Lord Sugar called back eight “The Apprentice” contestants from this season who will give Vana and Joseph some assistance for the final task. Vana picked Richard, Charleine, Ruth and Natalie for her team while Joseph went ahead and picked Gary, Brett, Elle and Mergim for his. Noticeably absent during this moment was former contestant Selina Waterman-Smith who Lord Sugar decided not to ask back for the final round of the show. Selina, for her part, seems to be enjoying a vacation in Geneva while the show’s final episode was going on.

From the very beginning, Lord Sugar had told Joseph that he needed to be able to show that his “small time plumbing business” can grow and become a substantial company. Meanwhile, Lord Sugar was also concerned that Vana’s dating business will quickly swallow up the £250,000 investment and told her she needs to prove that there really is a market for her idea.

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Vana’s idea is more than just a conventional dating business. It involves playing a game (along with brainteaser and psychometric tests) so that people can see who they would make a great match with. Meanwhile, Joseph decided to incorporate renewable technology into his plumbing business and it just confused his teammates. He eventually named his business “Prime Time Plumbers” while Vana names hers “Date Play.”

As both teams worked hard to prepare for the pitches and presentations, Vana eventually admitted that the initial £250,000 potential investment was enough for her business. She remarked that she will need to “do a second round of fundraising… for sure.” Soon, both teams were out of time and had to make their pitches in front of large audience.

Vana made a sexy pitch on her dating business, casually saying that Lord Sugar’s investment may not be enough for her company, but then also saying that the app can be made “for under £250,000 pounds,” as her app consultant had told her. Nonetheless, Lord Sugar’s experts agreed that Vana’s idea would need a much a bigger investment. Meanwhile, Joseph started his pitch by talking about his humble beginnings in the plumbing industry and eventually talking about “smart technology.” And after making final pitches (and arguments) with Lord Sugar, Joseph emerged the victor.

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