Apple’s Product Launch Tradition Implies iOS 8 Release on September 17

Apple’s Product Launch Tradition Implies iOS 8 Release on September 17

ios%208 Apple’s Product Launch Tradition Implies iOS 8 Release on September 17By now, all eyes are set on Apple Inc as it prepares to announce the highly anticipated and much talked about new iPhones. Cupertino has previously distributed media invites to its September 10 product launch. For several years now, the giant technology firm has been upholding the tradition to launch its new iPhones on the Wednesday of the second week of September.


Based on the usual Apple calendar, the official release of the new iPhones to the market would be on September 19, or the second Friday after the unveiling. This year, it is more likely that the company would stick to that tradition, which has been proven to be effective.

But aside from that, if traditions would be upheld, Apple is also set to release its latest iteration of its iOS mobile operating system in the coming days. The new iOS is usually launched and released on a separate occasion and date, but not going far from the launch and release dates of the new iPhones. Thus, the equally anticipated iOS 8 is expected to be released on September 17.

Successful OS

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Last year, iOS 7 was released on September 18, a Wednesday. It was considered as one of the most successful mobile OS releases not just in Apple’s history but in the record of the entire mobile industry in general. That was because it took just about a week for iOS 7 to have an uptake of more than half of all iPhone and iPad users across North America.

In comparison, Google’s latest mobile OS Android 4.4 currently accounts for just 21% of all existing versions of Android that are used in the market. That mobile system was rolled out in October 2013.

Fast and significant uptake

And while many users are looking forward to iOS 8, the success of iOS 7 continues to resonate. According to latest information from online ad network Chitika, iOS 7 is currently being used by up to 90% of all iOS users across North America.

This is why observers and analysts also expect iOS 8 to be equally successful. Aside from the new and exciting features of the new OS iteration, iOS 8 is still expected to bypass mobile carriers as it is to be directly brought to Apple device users in the coming days or weeks.