Apple’s 2nd Largest Campus To Rise In Austin

Apple’s 2nd Largest Campus To Rise In Austin
Apple Campus fw_gadget / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

These days, Apple Inc. has been quite busy expanding its offices. After all, working on developing a lot that’s 38 acres wide can take most of anyone’s time. And this time, Apple is building its newest campus in Austin, Texas. Once completed, it will be the second largest home away from its headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Yahoo! Finance reports that Apple is actually set to receive tax incentives worth as much as $35 million from the city, county and state for building its second largest campus in Austin. In turn, Apple has reportedly promised to create as much as 3,600 jobs while also retaining 3,100 existing ones. At the same time, the tech giant has also pledged to develop new buildings and bring in new equipment to Austin in the next ten years. The said investment is said to total around $282 million. This campus will reportedly be concentrating on Apple’s business operations in the Western Hemisphere.


Apple Inc.’s Austin campus is scheduled to be ready by next year. Apple workers in this new office just off Research Boulevard in Northwest Austin can enjoy the company’s 1.1 million square feet working area that will boast its own gym and a number of restaurants. Moreover, myStatesman also reports that the new office complex will also feature some smoothie bars, coffee bars as well as a wellness center that offer medical, dental and eye care services alongside therapeutic services such as massage and acupuncture.

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There are various kinds of jobs available in Apple’s upcoming Austin campus. In fact, departments looking to staff up in Austin customer support, human resources, corporate sales, finance, accounting, software engineering, hardware engineering and information systems. Moreover, there is also a reported requirement for workers who are fluent in Spanish and Portuguese as the company needs people who can help in its Latin America business.

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