Apple Will Soon Have High-speed Data Center For Content Delivery

Apple Will Soon Have High-speed Data Center For Content Delivery
Hanging Apple Andrew / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Apple may soon be introducing its own high-speed network and update the way it builds its data center, according to a report published in Bloomberg. This new technology will make Apple more competitive with Amazon, Google and Microsoft.


Apple will not be cutting its connection with existing vendors for sure; it’s just a move to boost its current infrastructure and provide better service to the users. Apple mostly relies on traditional network providers to support consumer service on iTunes. iCloud is used to store photos and files while Siri works as a personal assistant.

The same report from Bloomberg also suggested that this plan will connect Apple’s data center in Nevada, California, North Carolina and Oregon. This will get the content closer to Internet hubs.

As per the report of Reuters, Apple is gearing up to handle more traffic on its own while relying less on Microsoft and Amazon. However, total costs, investment and other details are not released by the company yet.

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Reuters also reported that in February 2015, Apple mentioned about two investments amounting to 1.7 billion Euros on Europe-based data centers. These two centers will be meant for powering the iTunes store, iMessage, Apple store, Maps and more.