Apple Will Be Making It Easier For Users To Shift To Android – Report

Apple Will Be Making It Easier For Users To Shift To Android – Report
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Apple is reportedly finding ways to make it easier for users to readily shift to Android, according to a recent report.


Facing tough pressure from a number of mobile operators, Apple is reportedly working on coming up with a tool that will allow users make a switch from iPhone to an Android-based smartphone should they feel like moving away from Apple devices.

According to a report from The Telegraph, a senior source in the industry has said that the tool will allow Apple customers to transfer existing data such as photos, contact lists and music to another phone should they want to stop using their iPhone. This comes after telecom operators reportedly expressed concerns that only a handful of customers move from iPhone to an Android phone due to technical issues involved in making the transfer. Moreover, the said operators are also worried that the lack of switching customers mean they are not in a good negotiating position when it comes to Apple.

If rumors are true, this move goes in direct contrast to Steve Jobs’ vision of getting customers to stay within the Apple line of products for as long as possible. While in the middle of a court case against Samsung, the late Apple founder had once stated in an email that the company should work to “further lock customers into our ecosystem.”

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Should this be true, the Android market may experience significant gains should more Apple users make the shift. Meanwhile, Apple is yet to comment on this rumor.

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