Apple Watch 2: Latest WatchOS 2.2 Features A New Map App

Apple Watch 2: Latest WatchOS 2.2 Features A New Map App
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There is a mix of rumors associated with the release of Apple Watch 2. While some rumors suggest a March release, the rest hint at a release date in September. However, the highlight point is that the second-edition Apple Watch will be better and faster than the original Apple Watch.


Running the latest WatchOS 2.2, the device will ensure a lot of advantages with regards to function and performance. At this moment, the sixth WatchOS 2.2 is released for the beta testers. Once approved, the software will be released for the Apple Watch 2.

According to 9to5Mac, the WatchOS 2.2 will be able to augment the Maps application feature. Anybody can instantly navigate to his/her home address or work place, or find any particular address with the help of the special feature. Aside from allowing consumers to enjoy quick access to a particular address, the WatchOS 2.2 will help users to connect their Apple watches with iPhones without any hassle.

A few days ago, N4BB reported, that Apple might not release the Apple Watch 2 in March, but in September this year, following the company’s yearly release cycle. But several online retailers and physical stores have already started offering significant discounts on the upcoming Apple watches. This might indicate that the Apple Watch 2 will release soon, but there could be the possibility that the Cupertino firm might be preparing for a new shipment of an updated Apple Watch, and not a new model.

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In a recently published report, British online retailer, Currys PC World, is offering £50-120 discounts on the Apple Watch. However, the news did not clarify whether it is the new Apple Watch 2 or an updated version of the previous Apple watch.

If you follow one of our earlier reports on Apple Watch 2, it was not clear whether the tech firm will launch the second edition Apple Watch 2 anytime soon. However, the good news is that the Cupertino giant remains the spearhead of the smartwatch business with an estimated 12 million units shipped, so far.

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