Apple TV Tips: Learn About The Features Lesser Known And Functions Lesser Advertised

Apple TV Tips: Learn About The Features Lesser Known And Functions Lesser Advertised
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Whenever a product is launched, companies focus only on the big things while giving its hidden gems a skip. Many times, the features and functions that are not much spoken about or not frequently advertised are the ones that make the product worthwhile or, at least makes the product convenient to use. Here we bring to you a few Apple TV tips to help you operate your new TV easily.


With these Apple TV tips, we hope you will get the best out of your new Apple TV

Enjoy sound effects to the fullest

In Settings, you will see an option, “Audio and Video.” In this setting, there is another option called, “Reduce Loud Sounds.” This will by default be “ON.” What does this function do? It keeps the volume to an equal level to reduce noise. When you are watching a movie, the volume of certain sounds like explosion or bike rides is quite high. No matter how low your TV’s volume is, these sounds will blow your ears. To avoid this, this feature is always set to “ON.” But, it also takes away all the fun when you are watching an action or horror movie with your friends. To experience a movie or a game to the fullest, turn OFF “Reduce Loud Sounds” feature, and see the difference. You will then get the theater feel at home.

Control Apple TV with your iOS device

When the new Apple TV was launched, the remote app was not updated. The old remote app was not compatible with the new TV, which made it difficult to control this TV from any of your iOS devices. That is not the case now. To download the remote app, go to the App Store, look for the free remote app and download it. Make sure the iOS device’s Bluetooth is turned on.

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Now go to Settings on Apple TV, from there go to Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth. You will see “Other Devices” here. Select the name of your iOS device and pair it with Apple TV. You can now control your Apple TV from your paired iOS device

Set accessibility shortcut on Siri remote

To quickly launch the accessibility setting, set a shortcut on Siri remote. For accessibility shortcut, go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Here you will see an “Accessibility Shortcut” option. Under accessibility shortcut, there will be a list of options like Zoom, Voice Over, Closed Captions, etc. Select the one you need frequently.

Hope these Apple TV tips will help you to get the best out of your TV and also make the usage easy.

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