Apple Triples Manpower To Complete Project Titan And Start Shipping Self-Driving Cars By 2019

Apple Triples Manpower To Complete Project Titan And Start Shipping Self-Driving Cars By 2019
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Will Apple launch its first-ever self-driving car in 2019? Or will it take many more years for people to get their hands on this electric car? Read on to know more.

Last month, news of Apple working on a self-driving car was doing the rounds in the industry as the documentation of correspondence between GoMomentum Station and Apple was leaked. At that time, the tech giant was looking to rent a place to test its electric car, but now it has successfully passed its experimentation phase and is all set for its final stage.


Apple’s self-driving car, codenamed Project Titan,is said to have set a shipping date to 2019. If sources are to be believed this is a deadline given to the employees working on the electric car to complete the project. To meet the deadline, Apple is also expanding its team from 600 to 1800 team members.

Apple is not going to be the first to launch a self-driving car, but it is working hard enough to create the best self-driving cars. Since the project started, Apple is hiring some of the best talents in the industry – bringing people on-board from reputed companies like automaker Fiat Chrysler, battery maker A123 Systems, and others.

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As we all know, Apple never comments on any of the rumored products or specifications unless and until it actually launches the product. It is then when the company feels comfortable giving out all of the relevant information to the media. Considering its history, I guess we will have to wait till 2019 or even beyond that for confirmation from the tech giant itself.

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