Apple To Tie Up With Windows For iOS 9, iPad Pro And MacBook 2016?

Apple To Tie Up With Windows For iOS 9, iPad Pro And MacBook 2016?

Is Apple depending on Windows for survival? With the sales graph of Apple products going down, an Apple and Windows collaboration looks like a wise step. Read on to know more about the association.

Apple has always been a stand-alone brand. It will not be completely wrong to say that Apple is a one-man army. With all the criticism and inability to deliver anything new, the company is seen to be falling in terms of sales figures. This multinational technology giant knows that it cannot continue like this as the competition in the market is getting tougher with each passing day. Brands like Samsung are already looking for ways to surpass Apple.


Just like when Blackberry decided to switch to Android with the hopes of rising again, Apple hopes that Windows will help the brand boost its sales. Microsoft’s presence at the Apple Event has given birth to many other speculations as well. But for now, news of Windows apps coming to Apple devices seem to be confirmed. The brands have already tested the Windows app on Mac in July 2015 where Microsoft released Office 2016 for Mac’s Office 365 subscribers.

In Windows Office’s blog post, Microsoft wrote, “We’re looking forward to releasing our updated apps when the new iPad Pro, iOS 9 and WatchOS 2 are available. Install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and Translator today and you’ll get these great new features when we publish the updates to the App Store.” It’s not just iOS 9; the iPad Pro and Watch OS 2 will receive Windows apps, but rumors are that MacBook 2016 will also be introduced with Windows.

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To work flawlessly with iOS 9 and iPad Pro, Windows have also come up with a list of new features like:

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1. Multi-tasking apps – Compatible with iOS 9’s split view feature

2. Inking – Creating documents and collaborating with multiple people is made easier.

3. Wireless keyboard support – Command key will offer keyboard shortcuts.

4. Translator – The feature will show common phrases in the local language depending on the user’s location and time of the day.

Collaborating with Windows will definitely give Apple and its products a fresh look. This change was long due and will surely be welcomed by Apple users.

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