Apple Starts Recalling Third-Generation Apple TV Due To Unspecified Issues

Apple Starts Recalling Third-Generation Apple TV Due To Unspecified Issues
Apple TV Julien GONG Min / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Apple has recently started contacting customers in order to recall some third-generation Apple TV units. The company has mentioned that some of the recently purchased devices have unspecified faults which has to be rectified.


The recall of third-generation Apple TV units is not applicable for all the units sold. The tech giant is calling the customers in person to make sure every faulty units are back. This is the sole reason why Apple has not posted any public notice or advisory. It’s only a small batch that is affected.

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According to Macrumors, Apple contacted one of the members of the organization to inform about the situation. The mail the staff received mentions that it is not typical for Apple to reach out to customers proactively. However, the company wants to take precautions and wants the faulty system back before it causes any problem.

Many of the users who are called for replacement of the TV unit have not experienced a problem with the device yet. The company actually wants to be preventive about the problem that may arise.

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Apple has not mentioned which part of the device is faulty and can cause problems. It is not possible for the user to check for himself if the part is problematic or not. However, there is no need to panic because only a small number of units with the fault have been sold.

The third-generation Apple TV is sold across several stores. Just a few may have problems. This is not the first time Apple is recalling their devices. In June, Apple recalled Beats Pill XL speakers as those had fire risk.

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