Apple Sets To Grab The Music Streaming Market With Its Latest Service

Apple Sets To Grab The Music Streaming Market With Its Latest Service
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Change is what keeps technology alive; and the big brands always try their best to ride on the latest technological changes.


Hence, the biggest tech brand Apple cannot actually afford to miss out on the opportunity to grab a significant market share for the latest Music Streaming services, which is clearly marking a change in the way the world listens to music.

iTunes played a major role in shifting the way the world listened to music in past; it replaced the discs with digital downloads and now when the users are moving to music streaming and crowding at outlets like Spotify and Pandora, it is most expected for Apple to gear up to launch Apple Music Streaming Service.

The annual developer conference of the brand, which is scheduled to start from today, is most expected to be the platform for unveiling the company’s latest music streaming service.

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Apple has been for long used this World Wide Developers Conference to highlight its latest software and services, and this time it is expected to launch this latest music streaming service.

It was rumored that along with the music streaming service, Apple will also launch upgrades for its TV and a fresh streaming video package in the WWDC, 2015, but according to the latest reports, Apple is still not done with negotiating with the broadcasters and it is still working on some technological aspects of the streaming video service.

Apple TV to miss the WWDC

Hence it might take as long as the first half of 2016 before we can see this service in action.

In order to maintain a central role in the present music ecosystem scenario, it is vital for Apple to concentrate on the music streaming service, because, sales through iTunes have declined significantly at the recent times.

For the computer savvy generation streaming media is becoming a more preferred choice; and as mentioned by Ben Bajarin, the Creative Strategist analyst, it is vital for apple to have a prominent role in this arena.