Apple September 9 Event To Launch Not Just iPhone 6s? Read On

Apple September 9 Event To Launch Not Just iPhone 6s? Read On

Before Apple launches a line of products on September 9, have a look at the products that are rumored to be launched tomorrow along with iPhone 6s.

Apple’s September events are famous for launching new iPhones. Fans go crazy over the new devices looking to exchange their old phones and get new ones. Is iPhone 6s the only thing you should be looking forward to this year? Certainly not! Here’s a list of what to expect from Apple in tomorrow’s event.


“Monster” iPad Pro

The buzz is that Apple may launch 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a special split view feature where one can use two iPad applications at the same time. And the apps launch at full size on the screen in landscape view. This tablet from Apple is said to be launched in different colors – gold, silver and space gray. The device will start shipping in late November. The good news is that Apple will make the device available for pre-order from next month.

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Force Touch

With iPhone 6s, 3D Force Touch will also be revealed. This pressure-sensitive technology is the most spoken-about feature of iPhone 6s. With the usual tap and hard-press features, Force Touch is said to be introducing deeper press which will make playing games on your iPhone a lot more fun.

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4-inch iPhone 6C

No one is sure if Apple is ready to launch the 4-inch iPhone 6C tomorrow. Some sources believe that this cheaper version of iPhone will also be unveiled tomorrow while others believe that the product is not ready yet. Whether or not 4-inch iPhone 6C will be available as early as tomorrow will not be known till the September 9 event.

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Every product launch is considered to be rumor-filled as Apple has not made any official announcement yet. Only after tomorrow’s event will the Tech Industry know about other products Apple is ready to launch and make available to fans. So do not forget to watch Apple unveiling iPhone 6S and other products tomorrow.