Apple Security Certificate Mess, Mac Apps Broken

Apple Security Certificate Mess, Mac Apps Broken
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On Wednesday, Tapbots’ developer Paul Haddad spotted an issue with the Mac App Store, which surfaced as a major problem for all app users. Users were not being able to launch apps from the store. The developer came to a conclusion that it was due to a security certificate expiry.


Error messages became common for users starting Wednesday. The message asked them to delete and reinstall apps, though it was not helpful. The problem persisted for a long time. A failed security certificate renewal by Apple was responsible for the damage.

Apple has addressed the problem quickly and added an updated Apple security certificate for the apps. The new security certificate has an expiration date of 2035, though many mentioned that they are still facing problem.

For those who are not able to use the apps, they will have to go online and re-authenticate their account with Mac App Store. The same Apple account information shall be used. The that users are facing is that some of them have forgotten their iCloud passwords. This is causing unnecessary delay and harassment for users.

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Customers have taken to Twitter to show their anguish on the matter. They needed to uninstall and reinstall all apps they downloaded in the past. Not only is data usage high, the whole process is also frustrating. The users approached app makers as they though they were part of the problem. However, the makers had nothing to do as only the Apple Security certificates could solve the matter.

The error is not common for Apple or any other technical company. It is a rare scenario for sure but whenever it happens, it takes a massive shape. Thankfully, the problem is rectified and Mac users can now use their apps without massive interruptions.