Apple Rumors: Company Working On Brighter, Thinner iPhone Displays In Secret Taiwan Lab

Apple Rumors: Company Working On Brighter, Thinner iPhone Displays In Secret Taiwan Lab
Picture from Apple Store Beijing/Apple Website

We already know that Apple is working on a new smartphone rumored to be named the iPhone 7. With this phone, Apple is also said to be redesigning its phones. The display is where the majority of the focus is. And here comes a new, interesting Apple rumor from Bloomberg.


Bloomberg claims that Apple has “opened a production laboratory in northern Taiwan where engineers are developing new display technologies.” The post also says that the news is coming from “people with knowledge of the facility.” This new laboratory is set in Longtan and is said to have employed a minimum of 50 engineers along with other workers working on new displays for iPhones as well as iPads.

Apple fans are not much happy with iPhone’s display as the screens easily break. Also, we can say that in terms of screen size, Apple is “outdated.” Whereas other brands have a number of smartphones with 5-inch screens, Apple has just one iPhone with a 5.5-inch screen. iPhone 7 can be an exception. At the Taiwan laboratory, engineers are rumored to be working on lighter, thinner and brighter displays. These could also be an advanced version of the liquid-crystal displays the company used for iPads, iPhones and personal MacBooks. The Bloomberg report also suggests that Apple is also looking forward to bring organic light-emitting diodes technology to its devices as it helps develop thinner displays. Another thing about this technology is that it don’t even require a backlight. Is it just another Apple rumor? Maybe.

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