Apple Rumored to be Launching Smart Home Software Platform at WWDC

Apple Rumored to be Launching Smart Home Software Platform at WWDC

apple smart home iphone Apple Rumored to be Launching Smart Home Software Platform at WWDCApple, according to an article by the Financial Times, is reportedly developing its own smart home software platform and is planning reveal it at the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference on June 2.


According to the report, Apple’s smart home plans include working with and allowing third-party companies to create and manufacture products specifically made for the Apple smart home and the iPhone which the report claims will be the central device to control a user’s smart home. The report reveals that Apple plans to build a product certification program similar to the Made for iPhone program for the approval of control of the smart home device.

“The scheme will be similar to Apple’s existing ‘Made for iPhone’ label, given to compatible headphones, speakers and other accessories, but with a new brand and logo. Apple may also provide additional checks and assurances that certified products are not vulnerable to hackers,” says the Financial Times.

However, the report didn’t reveal how Apple exactly plans on implementing the company’s smart home features on the iPhone and if the new system will only work on the upcoming iPhone 6 or will older iPhones still have access to the new smart home features. It also wasn’t revealed how exactly the iPhone will connect to the devices.

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There are rumors that the iPhone 6 will feature NFC connectivity which is what other smartphone manufacturers have used to communicate with their smart home devices. Apple’s iBeacon (the company’s own Bluetooth-based indoor positioning system) could also be leveraged for the new smart home platform as well as Wi-Fi although only a few devices feature smart home features via Wi-Fi connectivity.

Other announcements and reveals Apple is expected to make at the WWDC include the new iOS 8 which will feature a slew of new apps (which may include the smart home apps) as well as the next version OS X which is reported to be redesigned version of Apple’s operating system featuring a much simpler but more colorful design similar to Apple’s iOS 7 mobile operating system.