Apple Rolls Out iOS 8.0.2 a Day after the Release of iOS 8.0.1

Apple Rolls Out iOS 8.0.2 a Day after the Release of iOS 8.0.1
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ios%208 Apple Rolls Out iOS 8.0.2 a Day after the Release of iOS 8.0.1Apple Inc rolled out iOS 8.0.2 on Thursday (September 25), just a day after it released iOS 8.0.1. The updated version contains a patch that remedies the reported problem of disbanded cell service and disabled Touch IS. According to reports, up to 40,000 users were affected by the bug present in iOS 8.0.1.


It can be recalled that on Wednesday, just an hour after the release of iOS 8.0.1, Apple immediately offered to fix the problems that ensued with the update. The company even advised affected users to restore iOS 8 to their phones, an act that rarely happens.

Back then, Apple promised to release a patch through an updated version of the software within a few days. Clearly, the company has tried its best to come up with the patch as soon as possible.

Finding the update

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According to reports, iOS 8.0.2 could be found and downloaded through the Settings. From there, go to General and proceed to Software Update. However, as of press time, some users claim that they still could not find and access it.

The updated version is also available through iTunes, although some users also claim that they could only find the original iOS 8 update there, especially those who are using older iPhones.

Apple, on a rare occasion, advised some iOS 8.0.1 users to downgrade to the original iOS 8 through iTunes. It was a rare action for the company, indicating that it has acknowledged the problems and bugs reported with the initial update.

Affected users

The problems on iOS 8.0.1 appears to be rampant only to users of the newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Some users complained that after the update to iOS 8.0.1, they noticed that they started having the ‘No Service’ banner on their devices. That could not be corrected by simply restarting the smartphone.

According to other sources, those using older iPhones are still not affected by the problems with iOS 8.0.1. However, the new update is also available to them, in case they may want to install it. 


  • tony

    How many opening day software glitches does it take for Apple to test their software?

    I mean really.

    No, really. Test the dang phone before you hand it to somebody.