Apple Previews iOS 9.3

Apple Previews iOS 9.3
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What's This?

It’s here, but not quite. Either way, Apple wants to make sure you know that the iOS 9.3 is ready, and that it is coming to your mobile device real soon.


You can say the iOS 9.3 is different from other iOS versions. For starters, it wants you to go and get some sleep. Studies have pointed out that being exposed to bright blue light in the evening tends to have an effect on one’s circadian rhythms, making it harder to get sleep. Having learned this, Apple decided to use the iOS device’s clock and geolocation features to determine what part of the world you are in and whether sunset is almost upon you. If it is, iOS 9.3 will automatically shift the colors on the device to something warmer so the device is easier on the eyes. And in the morning, your device will return to its regular settings as you prepare to take on the world once again.

At the same time, the new iOS is also all about keeping your phone contents private, specifically your notes. This is why your notes (financial details, website logins and medical information) can soon be locked using a password and fingerprint. And for better organization, all of your notes can be sorted by date or alphabetical order.

Meanwhile, you will be able to enjoy new features for CarPlay with the iOS 9.3. You get New and For You features from Apple Music that even prepares song selections based on your preferences. At the same time, there will also be a Nearby feature in Maps that will help you locate parking, restaurants, coffee places and other establishments with a single tap. In addition, the iOS 9.3 will also make news and health apps more accessible and personalized.

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Apple says the iOS 9.3 will be coming this spring.

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