Apple Preps Watch With iPhone Apps and ‘Gold’ Safety Vaults

Apple had reportedly summoned app developers of high-status to develop Apple Watch apps compatible to iPhones, targeting possible launch in the App store come mid-February. The company had also reportedly renovating its retail stores, constructing safety storage vaults for the pricey Apple Watch Gold edition.


One of Apple’s principal collaborator with Apple Pay was one among those who were called to prepare an iOS application with WatchKit support that should ready for launch on Feb 12, MacRumors reported.

The report was not clear whether Apple had also instructed for other developers to come up with the same. However, MacRumors can attest that the company is planning to have its workforce test some third-party Apple Watch apps in the leads up to the products’ slated launch in April.

The dry-run is set to test the product’s battery life when used with non-Apple apps. MacRumor noted a previous report where employees in the Cupertino facility were seen wearing the Apple Watch to work every day.

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The summon to this app developer of high-status may also mean that the company is planning an event where it will showcase the functionality of Apple Pay and Apple Watch when used together, MacRumors noted.

According to unnamed sources, Apple Watch users will be able to access their credit cards right from their wrists as made possible by the devices’ biometrics – and Apple Pay will be significant to this functionality.

Meanwhile, sources were also saying that Apple retails stores will come equipped with safety vaults to secure the “Gold” edition of the Apple Watch. The safety vaults are where to-be-sold inventory and demo units will be stored, 9to5Mac reported.

The sources said that Apple had already begun constructing the vaults in different retail stores in time for the April release date of the Apple watch. Apple Watch of the aluminum and plastic types are reportedly being priced starting at $349 while watches of collector’s type will sell for more.

Apple maybe putting so much work to develop apps for its App Store since its all-time record revenue announced on Jan 27 was partially fueled by the record performance of the App Store. The company reported quarterly revenue of $74.6 billion and record quarterly net profit of $18 billion, or $3.06 per diluted share.

“We’d like to thank our customers for an incredible quarter, which saw demand for Apple products soar to an all-time high. Our revenue grew 30 percent over last year to $74.6 billion, and the execution by our teams to achieve these results was simply phenomenal,” Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said in his announcement.