Apple Plans to Introduce Wireless Charging Technology For iPhones and iPads

Apple Plans to Introduce Wireless Charging Technology For iPhones and iPads
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You do not have to worry if you forgot your iPhone chargers at home. Apple is currently working on wireless charging technology and plans to introduce it to its iPhones and iPads in 2017.


The Cupertino-based tech giant recently collaborated with partners in the U.S. and Asia for developing wireless technology for its devices. Once the technology is in effect, the iPhones and iPads can be powered even when away from the charging mats. The key concept is to break down technical barriers and make sure that power is made available to your devices anywhere and at anytime.

Apple earns a major chunk of more than three quarters of its revenue from selling of iPhones and iPads. With the introduction of the new wireless technology, the company is likely to sell more devices in the market. However, rival companies like Google Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. and Sony Corp., have already released wirelessly-charged smartphones, but the devices needs to be placed within a certain distance of the charging plate. For Apple, removing the barrier of distance is the primary concern, Bloomberg reported.

CNET reported that it takes more time for a device to get charged if it is placed at quite a distance from the power source. Although a challenge, Apple seems to work out a way to make the technology effective for its devices without distance being a deterrent.

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The company has earned milestones in the IT realm with the development of near-field communications technology and large-screen phones. By adopting wireless charging technology, the company only adds another feather to its cap.

As for the Apple Watch, the company uses wireless charging technique to let the smart-wearable get charged from a distance of its power source. Right now, several rumors are floating around that the company will soon unveil a new iPad Air and a 4-inch iPhone in March.

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