Apple Planning To Beat Microsoft Surface Book With 2016 MacBook Pro?

Apple Planning To Beat Microsoft Surface Book With 2016 MacBook Pro?
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2016 MacBook Pro has been hot news since the last few months of 2015. Why? Because Apple has been slashing prices of the 2015 MacBook Pro. Brands like Apple offer huge discounts on products only when they want to clear the old stock. Read on to know what Apple is up to.


Apple Insider has announced that the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2015 will be offered to its readers at a discounted rate with a few freebies. The 2015 MacBook Pro is offered at $1,978, less than the original price of $2,348. With news of 2016 MacBook Pro doing the rounds, experts believe that this notebook of Apple may compete with Microsoft’s Surface Book. Right now, Microsoft’s convertibles, Surface Pro 4 as well as Surface Book, are tough competition to all the brands manufacturing high-end laptops and tablets.

The best part about Surface Book is its detachable keyboard. The same cannot be said for the MacBook Pro. It is going to be interesting to see if Apple finally introduces a keyboard that can be detached and allow 2016 MackBook Pro to be used as a tablet as well. According to a recent report published by MacWorld UK, 2016 MacBook Pro will have Skylake processors. The laptop is also said to be adopting wireless technology that will replace data transfer and charging cables. These new laptops from Apple may also come with improved battery life.

As no official announcement has been made by Apple, these are still rumors. But the upcoming MacBook Pro is definitely going to be better than older versions, since Apple cannot afford to launch a product that is not better than the Surface Book. Losing customers to Microsoft is surely the last thing Apple wants.

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  • walkergw

    I think it is saying something that people are talking the Apple has to compete with Microsofts new hardware.

  • Geek

    I heard similar one in 2014. “Will 2015 iPad Pro beats Surface Pro 4”. Unfortunately it couldn’t. iPad Plus named as iPad Pro 🙁

  • ilikecake

    The 13″ MacBook is probably just going to upgrade to the same hardware as the Surface Book, so it’s still going to just be a less capable version of the same thing. The 15″ MacBook is already better than the Surface Book.
    Ultimately, the Surface Book is a thorn in Apple’s side. They’re already similarly priced, Apple will want to raise the price for their new one, so what they’ll end up with is a 13″ laptop with almost identical performance but far less capable and they’ll be trying to sell it for the same price. Unless you’re entrenched in OSX and are willing to compromise extra features and pay the same, the Surface Book makes more sense for someone that doesn’t have a pre determined OS preference.