Apple Passes Alphabet, Becomes Most Valuable Company Again

Apple Passes Alphabet, Becomes Most Valuable Company Again
Photo Credit: mikecogh via Compfight cc
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Alphabet seems to be enjoying a series of successes recently. From being able to rise among multi-billion companies to being able to sell products successfully, it seems like it is going to stay that way for a long period of time.


But rising among companies was a bit unexpected and has brought in much surprise, as Google’s parent company has managed to top the most valuable public company list, overthrowing Apple in the process.

But the tech giant slipped and Apple regained its crown. It has been observed and known in the past that the Cupertino company remained at the top; many have tried but barely succeeded.  The top spot was only managed for a few hours before the Cupertino company snatch the title back so fast it was barely felt.

By late morning, Apple’s market capitalization has hit $524 billion while Alphabet hit $520 billion, reports CNBC. The top five world’s biggest companies were completed by Microsoft, Facebook, and Exxon Mobile.

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The change has set the net on fire, as it was unbelievably fast. It might have also gained attention as it has been five years since Google managed to be more valuable than Apple; last time was in February 2010. During that time, the Cupertino company has not yet released its first iPad while the newest iPhone was in 3G. Mac was still the company’s biggest product line that time. And the company was more than just half of how big it is today.

Before Apple managed to keep the top spot for long, the two companies have been battling each other for the most coveted spot within 2008 to early 2010.  Since then, the iPhone company has increased its value from $180 USD to over $650 USD by Sept. 2012.

Apple managed to pass Exxon by 2011, finally succeeding on being the top. However, it has been observed in July that the search engine company has started to rise; by the end of the year, Google shares soared by 44 percent while the latter sank by 16 percent.

The race is far from over, though. Both companies have steadily been producing quality devices and products. Both are into VR, too. Though each company might try to outdo the other, the fates of these companies within the list still fall towards each consumer’s choices and preferences. It can go either way, and there are at least three possible outcomes. One, Apple tops the list again; two, Google finally dethrones the Cupertino company; three, both are surpassed by another company. Nobody knows, so all we do is wait.