Apple OS X ‘El Capitan’: New Features Of Apple’s Next Operating System

Apple OS X ‘El Capitan’: New Features Of Apple’s Next Operating System

Apple’s OS X “El Capitan” is here and here are the most important features you should know about it.

Apple OS X El Capitan is available to Mac users for a free upgrade today. This latest upgrade is just a follow-up to Yosemite. Before you rush to upgrade your system, have a look at these key features so that you know what to expect from this latest operating system.


Audio logo has been introduced within the address bar to mute the audio when one of the sites automatically starts playing while you are working with multiple tabs. With this new feature, you will quickly get to know which tab started playing audio and mute it as soon as possible.

All new Spotlight will make search easier for users. It will also allow users to resize the Spotlight search bar as per their convenience. This feature will also deliver useful results like sports scores and weather reports.

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Pinning sites is bookmarking sites on Safari, but the pinned sites will appear as icons on the main page of your browser. All you need to do is drag the site’s tab and drop it on the left. You do not have to worry about losing the tab you are working on as the pinned sites will open as a new tab.

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This is one of the most favorite features of Apple. And it has marked its presence even on OS X El Capitan. By allowing you to work on two apps side-by-side, this feature will make your work fast and more convenient.

On OS X El Capitan, you will be able to create multiple desktops. This feature will give you more space to work with. This is not a new feature to MacBook users; the only difference now is that managing these desktops has become easier.

Apple has promised that with OS X El Capitan, app launching, PDF previewing and app switching will be faster than ever before.

You can now rush and upgrade to OS X El Capitan before the time runs out.

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