Apple News: iPhone 7 Leak To Please Consumers?

Apple News: iPhone 7 Leak To Please Consumers?
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It has been a while since we heard of an iPhone 7 leak. But it seems like every Apple news follower is already updated of the fact that the iPhone 7 will be filled with disappointments. It could be priced at a premium for reasons consumers cannot comprehend. However, that may not be entirely true.


iPhone 7 release date scheduled on September 2016

Recent reports suggest that the flagship would release one high-end variant with a design model similar to iPhone 6. Features that improve the user interface and tweaking of hardware components may be enough to get users convinced. The primary issue lies in the iPhone’s battery life and storage, as pointed out by Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly.

Fortunately, one of our wishes might come true, according to the director of market research at IHS Technology, Kevin Wang. During his announcement in Weibo, he revealed that the company found out the iPhone 7 will be built with 2GB of RAM and 32GB basic storage.

Does this prove that the iPhone 7 would be releasing a high-end storage variant at 256 GB? Maybe, considering the fact that iPhone is introducing a new technology to improve camera quality (not to forget 4k recording), storage is one of the primary issues with Apple phones.

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While we may be very excited with this new move by Apple, it is important to know that new features come with a price. In fact, these will surely come with a price. If Apple introduces nothing innovative at this point, Samsung would once again win the consumers’ hearts.

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