Apple Has New Killer iPhone With Curved Display

Apple Has New Killer iPhone With Curved Display
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Apple has been having a challenging year especially since iPhone sales fell. Nonetheless, the company is not losing hope as it continues to explore new possible devices including a new OLED iPhone with curved screen. Can Apple change the tides again?


According to new reports, Apple is planning to ship a new breed of iPhones in 2018. Specifically, Apple is looking into producing an OLED iPhone with a curved screen sometime in the future. The new mobile device will be part of the company’s OLED use aside from the Apple Watch.

Apple Insider noted that the information came from a new research forecast. Even through 2018, OLED devices may only reach up to 30 percent or 100 million of the projected iPhone shipments for the said year, as explained by Lee Choong-hoon, the president and chief analyst of UBI Research, as quoted by the Korean Herald. If Apple continues with this trend, the ratio could improve to 80 percent come 2020. The company should also be able to move past Samsung’s OLED adoption come 2021.

Previously, it was reported that Apple granted Samsung a three-year, $2.59 billion contract to supply it with 5.5-inch OLED panels starting 2017. According to Choong-hoon, such is the case, since Samsung is the only company so far to pass Apple’s criteria. However, this is not to say that companies like LG and other suppliers will not be able to catch up and gain similar orders. Apple has always been known for working with multiple suppliers.

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According to Fortune, the expected release of the OLED iPhone with curved screen may disappoint some customers looking forward to OLED screens soon. Every year, Apple has been associated with releasing new handsets but the company usually staggers the bigger releases. People will have to stay tuned for more information and features of the said device.

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  • BritishGuy94

    Since every Samsung phones uses OLED and that’s sales of 320 million a year even if it manages 100% uptake it wouldn’t come close to Samsung OLED numbers. Maybe don’t take rubbish forecasts from Apple biased funded sheep.